Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Clones and the genetically inferior

Hi guys and welcome to Parmeet’s cool blog and today we are going to talk about the similarities and differences of Matt from the book called The house of the scorpion and Vincent from the movie Gattaca. In The House of the Scorpion Matt, the protagonist was made from El Patron’s gens. Matt was created to supply El Patron organs so he could live forever. Matt and El Patron have the same fingerprints, the same taste buds, and the same likings because Matt is El Patron and because matt was created from a piece of El Patron’s skin. That means that did not make any of his on genes, his genes are a copy of El Patron genes that’s why Matt is El Patron.

In the film, Gattaca Vincent freeman was born with a 99% heart failure risk and known as being genetically inferior known as invalid. He decides to fight his fate by purchasing the genes of Jerome Morrow, a laboratory-engineered "valid." He assumes Jerome's DNA identity and joins the Gattaca space program, there is an investigation into the death of a Gattaca officer complicates Vincent's plans of going to titan because an eyelash of his is found at the crime scene.

The similarities of Matt in the house of the scorpion and Vincent freemen in the film Gattaca is that they both are not respected for what they are, Matt is ‘Ent respected because he is a clone because clones have a bad reputation society because most clones have their brain destroyed at birth and Vincent is not respected because he is genetically inferior also known as an  “in- valid,” people think he is’ Ent capable of anything and because he has a high heart failure risk, Vincent’s mom also said that there is no way you will be able to join the space program because of your disability.

 The differences of Matt and Vincent is that Matt was told that he is’ Ent human when Vincent was told he is human but with a disability. The point I’m making is that people still said that Vincent was human and he was ‘Ent told that he was a filthy beast. Another difference is that Matt is more genetically superior than Vincent because Matt dos’ Ent has a mental and physical condition that will stop him from reaching his goal while Vincent can’t be physically fit because he has heart problem that will stop from exercising for a long time while Matt won’t face a problem like that. That’s all for today everyone, I hoped so liked this blog post-bye bye.

Monday, 13 March 2017

People escapeing the United States?

Hello guys welcome to Parmeet’s cool blog and toady I’m going to compare the house of the scorpion to the real world. In the house of the scorpion Matt has escaped opium because Matt was not was used for El patron‘s transplant and because of that he died, with El Patron died was no longer safe in opium because none of the Alacarn’s other than El Patron don't like him so Tam Lin helped him escape opium so he won’t get killed by Alacran’s, so escaped opium, Matt escaped opium and he entered Azaltan as a refugee. In the real world people are escaping the united states and entering Canada illegally because they think they are going to get kicked out of the United State because of Trump’s travel ban. Recently over 130 people have been caught crossing the Canadian border because of the agreement that Canada is the world 3rd safest countries.

Matt in the house of the scorpion and people escaping the united states are all seeking refuge
Because their country is no longer safe for them. In the house of the scorpion when Matt escaped opium he was taken to an orphanage of lost boys and later moved close to san Luis.
In the real world people are escaping the United states and entering Canada because of United States President Donald Trump’s travel ban.  An example of what of this is when a man and woman with Turkish passports were taken into custody by royal Canadian mounted police (RCMP) officer after crossing the Canada/us border into Surrey on February 25 2017. Another young child was taken into custody by the royal Canadian mounted police (RCMP) officer after walking across the us- Canadian border into surrey, British Columbia on February 2016. The residence living 0 avenue in Surrey say they see someone crossing the border everyday now.  

In the end Matt escaped opium because it was no longer safe and because he was no longer needed and no longer safe so he escaped to Azaltan. In the real world people are escaping the United States and entering Canada Because U.S. President Donald Trump is being strict on illegal immigrants and if they are caught they can be locked up in jail so they are seeking refuge by entering Canada illegally so they won’t be caught by the Government but they do get caught when the cross the border and they are sent back for border jumping. That’s all for today good bye.

Monday, 6 March 2017

Matt's Worldview

Hello guys and welcome to Parmeet’s cool blog, today I’m are going to talk about what elements of worldview are influential to Matt. I think that equality with others is most influential to because he is viewed different for being a clone and people are really rude to him and they treat as filthy animal because clones are not respected and they do not have a good reputation in society, an example of clones not having a good reputation is that most people in the Alacran estate don’t like Matt and people say things to him such as you are a pile of dung, you were puked out by cow and you’re not human.

Knowing that most people hate Matt he still remains strong because he knows some people do care about him and they respect who he is such as El Patron, Celia, Tam Lin and Maria. The reason clones don’t have a good reputation in society is because clones need to have a drug injected into them, that is why clones drool a lot and why they barf a lot, but El Patron didn’t inject Matt with the drug even though it is illegal because he wanted Matt to grow in the way he wasn’t. Matt acts like a human in every way but he still is not respected for it because other clones around the world are not like him, an example of matt being different, in the start of the book Emilia said “He can’t be! He doesn’t- I’ve seen clones they’re horrible! They drool and mess their pants. They make animal noises” because Matt was not injected with the drug. 

Another element of worldview that represents Matt is the view of the good life because he was created to make El Patron live or ever and ha was made to give El patron a good life. Another reason why the view the good life represents Matt because Matt ran away from opium and he ran away to Azaltan to have a good life because El Patron had died and he was only safe when he was alive and because none of the Alacran’s like him. In the end, i chose the view of good life because he was created to give El Patron a good life and because he ran away to have a good life. In the end Equality with other and view of the good life are most influential to Matt. 

Tuesday, 28 February 2017

What does it mean to be a caregiver/mother/father?

Hi everyone and welcome to Parmeet’s cool blog and today we are going to talk about what does it mean to be a caregiver/mother/father? I think it means that you have someone to take care of and you have a responsibility to make him the best, it also means that you love him and respect him and help him through all problems so the next time he faces them he won’t have a hard time.

I’ll show you some examples of what it means to be caregiver/father/mother?
In the house of the scorpion, Celia has been Matt’s caregiver since he was harvested and she was the only person he met every day before Matt was put in prison by Rosa. Celia kept Matt safe in the small house in the poppy fields and she was the one that gave him toys, food and all sort of stuff when Matt was not allowed to go outside. Celia also really cares for Matt and she always helps Matt through the problem he gets being a clone of El Patron and because most people don’t like him because he is a clone and clones have a bad reputation in society. Celia also tells Matt good advice so that he has d how to deal with people inside and outside the big house. Another thing that makes someone a good caregiver/mother/father is being a good friend, an example is that Matt feels open to sharing everything with Celia because he knows she will understand what he is trying to say.

Another example of what it means to be a caregiver/mother/father is that Felicia cares about Tom and she defends him when Tom has done something to Matt and she always wants Tom to be shown better than, Matt. When Tom was placed at the baby table by Matt at El Patron birthday party, Felicia asked Mr. Alacran if she can go check on Tom that he is ok at the baby table, that was a sign that Felicia cares about Tom. Felicia told Tom at the computer room that she was the one who killed Furball (Maria’s dog) when everyone else thought that Matt had killed Maria’s dog because he had left a note in Maria’s apartment, Felicia told this to Tom because they are good friends and they both don't like Matt.

The point I’m trying to make to here is that a caregiver/mother/father care about you, they help you get threw problems, they always whish the best for you at all times and they are your good friends.

Friday, 24 February 2017

My Thoughts

Hello everyone and welcome to Parmeet’s cool blog and today I’m going to talk about what we have done so far in class, we have read 101 pages of the house of the scorpion and so far we have had 1 Harkness discussion and 1 Litspiration challenge, so now I want to share my thoughts about what I have read so far. In the book so far we have learned that there are things such as clones, an example is that the main character Matt Is a clone owned by a powerful drug lord El Patron. In society clones such as Matt are viewed in a bad way because clones are harvested by cows, they barf a lot and because they slobber on their pants a lot. So because Matt is a clone he is marked by his difference in ways he doesn’t even suspect, An example of this is when Tom said that made puked by a cow and when some of the family members say that Maria’s dog and Matt are the same even when Matt does act like human in every single way.

Another thing that was told in the book was that Tom is not Mr. Alacran’s son, he is actually Mr. Macgregor’s son because Felicia Tom mother ran away with Mr. Macgregor, But after a while El Patron asked for Mr. Macgregor to make Felicia come back and he made come back because he said there is no use for here anymore. Felicia And Mr. Alacran live together but they do not talk because of what Felicia had done to Mr. Alacran. Felicia does not want to live in the big house but she has to because El Patron does not like anything of his, even if their not his to be taken away from him.

The last thing that I found interesting is that in opium the people that grow opium are not humans anymore they are actually eejits. Emojis are humans and animals with a machine transplanted in their head so they listen to commands without any objections, they will keep doing that in till they have been told to stop, But if eejit was not told to stop working or it was not told to eat or sleep or drink anything then they die. An example is when Matt and Tam Lin were riding a horse which was an eejit, it would stop until told to and it would not drink water until it was told to because of the transplant in its brain. That’s all for today goodbye.

Monday, 20 February 2017

The New Project

In class, we are starting a novel study project on the house of the scorpion. In this project, we are going to learn some new things, in the project, we are going to examine deeply what is happening in the book, were also going to have a checkpoint to stop and to think about what has happened so far in the book.

Monday, 24 October 2016

My View on Raising Children

I recently watched a movie called the little prince and in it I learned about that people have different ideas of raising children, some people say that traditional learning school and private schools are proven to strengthen students. But I think that a little less pressure would help children better prepared for adulthood because by having the fun of growing up will help your child thinking more creatively in his/her work. When Kids come home they should feel relaxed and have a little me time to feel relaxed not pressured to study. In an environment of too much pressure children will not experience the fun of growing up. Too much pressure on children will not make them happy and they start to find ways of having fun and not listen to you. For example think that a kid is forced to work a lot of work and not given any time for having fun and his thinking of what he wants to do or what he wants to became that his parents don’t like are heard by them to limit his whimsical ideas, how would you feel, not that happy right that why children whimsical ideas should be limited to a certain extent. In the end, that whimsical ideas should not be limited for children and also adults because creativity has no limits and boundaries.